Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Here are some web sights concerning Civil War Bands, or music.

Band Music from the Civil War Era:

A history of the bands:

Web site for the Wisconsin 1st Bregade Band

Web site for the Excelsior Cornet Band

A link to a list of links about Civil War Bands!

1st Brigade Band homepage

East Germantown Band web page

Photos from the Civil War Band Festival

Web page for the 4th US Artillery Regimental Band

Web site for the 5th Michigan Regimental Band

Introductory Post!!

Wecome to the blog of Art Haecker! In this blog I will look at the history of the bands of the Civil War. I will also talk about re-enactment bands, cds, publications, and published music. I look forward to more posts in the near future!