Friday, February 29, 2008

26th North Carolina video

Here is a video of the reenactment 26th North Carolina Band.

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If you want to put the video directly in the blog, instead of copy/paste'ing the URL, to the right of the video in YouTube, there is an Embed link. Copy/paste that into the blog and it will show up there.


Brass, Money...and other delights said...

Have you read/seen the book "Confederates in the Attic?" It's about the reenactment movement as a social force or something like that, but it's very historical and only a little bit wildly anti-southern, but an interesting read.

JManning said...


This is fantastic. This is the reason why this medium is so powerful - you can instantly see and hear this video/slideshow. In a few minutes, you get a great idea of what the group sounds like, what they look like (and used to look like), how their instruments look and how they are played. You even get a glimpse at one of their programs in this Ken Burns-style presentation. I think I even prefer it to a video, because you can focus more on the music and have some time to take in the photos.